Sutin, Thayer & Browne is a respected, established law firm known for providing high-quality services. The firm is rich in its history and its wide array of exceptional lawyers. It was established in 1946 and currently provides a full range of legal services to businesses and individuals in transaction and litigation settings.

We lawyers have individual views of the law firm because we’re all quite different. Some of the things we are, or have been, other than lawyers: musician, teacher, runner, state government official, bartender, auto mechanic, soldier, writer, special education teacher, foster parent, mountain climber, singer, farmer, poet, historian, cheerleader, artist, swimmer, judge, actor, activist, CPA, rodeo queen, director, and professional poker player.

What brings together a group this diverse? We share a set of ideals and goals.

  • Provide excellent problem-solving services to our clients, consistent with the standards of professional responsibility.
  • Keep our doors open and our atmosphere friendly, and even fun when possible.
  • Become experts in our fields.
  • Nurture and grow one of the most diverse clienteles of any New Mexico law firm.
  • Support and respect everyone in the firm.

We believe these are the primary reasons why people join our firm and stay. We strive to reach the highest legal standards, and we value our camaraderie and our shared practice of law. If this strikes a chord in you, we encourage you to come visit our firm.

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“The Sutin firm is second to none regarding corporate law practice. Their services are timely, effective and very affordable.”

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