Mediation, Settlement Facilitation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and arbitration are the most common forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), a term that refers to informal resolution processes. In ADR, the parties meet with a professional, neutral third party who helps them resolve their dispute in a way that is less formal and usually more consensual than is done in the courts. Other forms of ADR exist, including judicial settlement conferences, fact-finding, ombudsmen and special masters. ADR is often voluntary. Sometimes courts mandate that parties attempt conflict resolution before they take their case to court.

All our lawyers have experience in advocacy and conflict resolution. Those who focus their practice in the area of ADR are recognized as legal professionals dedicated to efficient dispute resolution. Our lawyers serve as mediators, arbitrators and special masters in a wide variety of civil litigation matters. Our family lawyers who practice ADR are skilled in the area of collaborative law, which is the ADR alternative to traditional divorce proceedings.

  • We represent a number of public and private employers wishing to avoid employment litigation on the front end through mediation and dispute resolution.
  • We represented a celebrity-status couple in a collaborative divorce, providing a respectful, private atmosphere for them to settle issues outside of court.

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