Sutin President Provides Insights on Post-COVID Employment Law

June 10, 2021

Benjamin E. Thomas, Sutin President and CEO, co-hosted an informational webinar regarding the issues surrounding re-opening businesses and having employees return to work after the pandemic. Joined by Dr. Mark Epstein, True Health New Mexico CEO and Dr. F. Kiko Torres, True Health New Mexico Chief Medical Officer, Thomas emphasizes the need for businesses and their legal counsel to stay on top of changes to ensure they remain in compliance.

“As New Mexico’s businesses begin to resume more normal operations, there is a huge amount of information to be aware of to ensure we keep our employees, clients, and customers safe and our businesses in legal compliance,” says Thomas. “And as the laws and guidelines surrounding how we do business will continue to change – which likely means moving back to pre-pandemic norms – this change will have the most significant impacts and potential for non-compliance penalties in the employment arena.”

The full webinar is available online.

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