Journal Readers Once Again Honor Sutin Lawyers

July 29, 2023

Four Sutin lawyers were honored by voters in the 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards, sponsored annually by the Albuquerque Journal.

Lisa Y. W. Cosper was voted the #1 Corporate Attorney. She is widely recognized for managing her client’s estate needs. Her practice includes estate planning with a focus on planned giving, taxes, asset protection, business succession, probate, and trust administration. Prior to joining Sutin, Lisa practiced in estate planning and administration for a specialty law firm with offices in Arizona and New Mexico.

Maria Montoya Chavez was named among the Top 3 Divorce Attorneys. In her third year to be named to the list, Maria practices exclusively in family law: divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and the division of complex assets such as businesses and professional practices in the context of divorce. She also specializes in same-sex adoption cases and as a family law mediator.

Lynn E. Mostoller was selected as one of the Top 3 General Attorneys. Lynn practices in commercial litigation, renewable energy project development, employment law, and contested probate matters. She also has a focus in regulatory and administrative law, where she brings significant experience in matters such as rulemaking, compliance filings, enforcement proceedings, and administrative litigation.

Charles J. Piechota was tapped as one of the Top 3 Corporate Attorneys. This is Chuck’s fourth year to be honored by Journal readers. His practice comprises corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, liquor licensing, intellectual property protection, licensing, and trademark/copyright registration. His estate planning practice incorporates tax considerations, gift and business succession planning, and estate and trust administration.

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